Schedule of Events

Friday, October 2, 2020
    9:00      Welcome
                   Daily Free Offerings
                   Displays available for viewing
   10:00     Gathering Helpers open for viewing
                   Auction opens for bidding
                   Exchange gifts available for viewing
   1:00       Zoom Meeting – include Show and Tell (current/just finished projects)
                   Time to open Souvenir #1
                   Open Swap items
                   Begin ticket submission for Gathering Helpers
   4:00       Quick Kit sales begin

Saturday, October 3, 2020
    9:00      Daily Free Offerings
                   View Swap items and Souvenir # 1
                   Zoom meeting:  Suffragette’s Bedroom Workshop
   10:00     Open Exchange Gift (if received one)
                   Artisans’ Market opens
   1:00       Open souvenir # 2
   4:00       Zoom meeting for everyone
                   Open Table Gifts
                   View Exchange Gifts – who received which gift
                   Banquet table photos available

Sunday, October 4, 2020
    9:00      Daily Free Offerings
                   View Souvenir # 2 and Table Gifts
   noon     Deadline for Gathering Helpers ticket submission
   Noon      Auction closed
   1:00       Open Souvenir # 3
                   Announcement of Centrepiece winners
   3:00       Zoom meeting (wrap-up)
                   Winners of Gathering Helpers and Auction
                   View Souvenir # 3
                   Invitation to 2021 Ontario Miniatures Gathering