Quick Kits

Each Quick Kit will include an instruction sheet, a photograph of the completed kit; and the instructor’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address for purchaser follow-up if needed.

There will be a sale period for all Quick Kits which will be listed on the Gathering website. Those wishing to purchase a kit will contact the vendor directly and the transaction will be between the vendor and the purchaser, without any Gathering involvement. The Gathering is responsible for advertising only.


If you are interested in selling quick kits, fill in the form below (leaving the headings in place) and take a photograph of your finished kit. The information on the form will be copied to the website. The photo must be saved as a standard image file (.jpg or .png) for use on the website. E-mail both the form and photo to Janet Harvie .

Vendor Name

E-mail address


Phone number

Name of kit

Brief description of kit

Scale of kit

Cost of kit

Total number of kits available

Cost of shipping in Canada

Cost of shipping to U.S.A.

Payment types accepted (e.g., cheque, PayPal, e-transfer, etc.)