Gathering Helpers

Gathering Helpers are donated items which are raffled off. Donated by clubs, groups or individuals, they must be items small enough to be mailed easily; for example, a doll, special piece of furniture, or a very nice accessory piece.

Each person registered for the Gathering receives 15 free tickets. Ticket submission starts Friday afternoon.

The Gathering Helpers are on display Friday morning and throughout the weekend on the Gathering website.

Gathering Helpers will be mailed to the winners.


If you wish to donate a Gathering Helper

The tear off form below must accompany the item. Ensure the form is completely filled in and indicates what scale the item is and its name. Shipping charges are the donor’s responsibility.

Mail your package with the Gathering Helper donation to be received by September 7, 2020 to:
Jane Brown
46 Gibson Drive
Tillsonburg, ON N4G 5G7

If there are any questions, please contact Jane .

Name:    _______________________________________

Address:    ____________________________________


Phone number:    ______________________________________

E-Mail:    _________________________________________

Circle scale of Gathering Helper donation enclosed:         1:12                      1:48

Name of item enclosed:    ______________________________________