Exchange Gift

An Exchange gift is optional but a big part of the weekend fun. If you send a lovely, miniature object in 1:12 or 1:48 scale with a value of around $20, you will be mailed a gift in the same scale in return.


How it works

You make 1 item in the scale of your choice.

Package the item carefully in an appropriate sized box or envelope, including a label with your name and e-mail/postal address inside (so the receiver can send a thank you).

The tear off form below must accompany the item. Ensure the form is completely filled in and indicates what scale the item is and its name.

Mail your package with the exchange gift to be received by August 14, 2020 to:

      Indel Control Service Inc.
      174 Thames Street South, Ingersoll, ON   N5C 2T5
      Attn.: Gail Jeffrey

If there are any questions, please contact Gail .


Name:    _________________________________________________

Address:    _______________________________________________


Phone number:    __________________________________________

E-Mail:    ________________________________________________

Circle scale of exchange gift enclosed:        1:12                      1:48

Name of item enclosed:    ______________________________________