You’ve worked hard – so show it off!

Now is your chance to share all those miniatures you’ve been working on. Everybody loves to see what other people have been doing, so we hope to have lots for display – roomboxes, houses, breakaways, or any other setting you have created.

Displays will be available for viewing throughout the weekend. They are there to provide inspiration and appreciation of miniature crafting.


To participate

  •   Fill out the form below (1 per display).
  •   Take a picture of the item. Save the photo as a standard image file (.jpg or .png) for use on the website.
  •   E-mail the form and the picture to Gail .



E-mail address

Title of display

Scale (circle one)       1:12          1:24          1:48           1:144          Other (specify)

Brief description (to accompany picture on website)