Souvenir and Workshop Idea Submissions

If you are interested in creating a souvenir or have an idea for a registered workshop for the 2020 Ontario Miniatures Gathering, the Gathering Committee would like to hear from you. Contact Marianne Tighe at with your idea.

Souvenir Idea:

We will be choosing three souvenirs in each scale (1:12 and 1:48) to be handed out at the Gathering. Please submit a photo (if possible) or description of the miniature item along with the price before July 15, 2019. We will make our choices and you will be notified of our decision by the end of July. Completed souvenirs would be sent to us by Feb.1, 2020.

Registered Workshop Idea:

Please submit your idea for a registered workshop before July 15, 2019.

Details must include scale, length of workshop, and the estimated price. If you have a photo, send that as well. If your workshop is selected by the committee, we will notify you no later than July 31st.

Those selected must send a photo of their prototype, complete description and tool list to Marianne by August 15, 2019 to ensure their workshop is included when Gathering registration starts in September 2019. Also include your preferred maximum and minimum number of participants in the workshop.