Gathering Information

Please note the change of venue. The Gathering will be at
The Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre on Hespeler Road.

Friday Afternoon at the Gathering

Once you have checked in at the hotel and found your room, come to the Gathering Registration desk in the lobby to receive your registration package. Your name tag is your entrance to all the functions. Included in your package will be a schedule of events for the weekend.

Table Gifts

You have the option of sitting at a 1 inch scale table or a quarter scale table for meals. It has been the tradition on Saturday evening to exchange small gifts with the other seven people sitting at your dinner table. While a value of $4-6 is suggested, most are handmade items which are valued by the recipients as a wonderful reminder of the Gathering. Please remember what scale table you are sitting at and have gifts in that scale. Giving is optional.

Exchange Gifts

An exchange gift is optional but a big part of the weekend fun. If you bring a lovely, miniature object in 1:12 scale or quarter scale with a value of around $20, you will receive one in the same scale in return.

Package the item in a clear container and include your name so that the person receiving it can thank you. Exchange gifts will be prominently displayed during the weekend.

The exchange gift is collected Friday afternoon at registration.


You’ve worked hard – so show it off! Everybody loves to see what other people have been doing, so we hope to have lots for display – roomboxes, dollhouses, or individual items.

Displays will be available for viewing throughout the weekend.

If you plan to bring a display, complete the Display Room section on the Time and Talent Form and mail it with your Gathering Registration form. Turn in your display Friday evening, along with your own lighting and extension cord, if needed. Include a card with your name and some information about the display. Pick up your display any time Sunday morning before lunch.

Quick Kits

Quick kits are inexpensive and easy to make kits that are sold on Friday night. You can work on them at the Gathering or take them home to make later.

If you are interested in selling a Quick Kit, complete the Quick Kits section on the Time and Talent Form and mail it with your Gathering Registration form. For more information, contact Janet Harvie.

Gathering Helpers

Gathering Helpers are donated items which raffled off to help with the current Gathering expenses. Donated by clubs, groups or individuals, they can be a small roombox or vignette, or a single piece such as a dressed doll, a special piece of furniture, or a very nice accessory piece. They usually run at a value of at least $50, but many are worth far more.

The Gathering Helpers are kept on display throughout the weekend while the tickets are being sold. Winning tickets are drawn during the Sunday lunch.

If you wish to donate a Gathering Helper, please complete the Gathering Helper portion of the Time and Talent Form and mail it with your Gathering Registration form.

Time and Talent

We could not run a successful Gathering without Special Volunteers to handle the small but important tasks.

  • Bring a display
  • Make and sell Quick Kits
  • Sell your work at the Artisans’ Market
  • Make a Gathering Helper
  • Act as a Table Hostess
  • Be a runner distributing Exchange Gifts or Gathering Helpers
  • Or in any other capacity

To participate, fill in the Time and Talent Form and mail it with your Gathering Registration form.

Saturday Night Banquet

Join us Saturday Night dressed in a 1920s fashion – flapper dress, pinstripe suit, pant ensemble with kimono coat, or whatever takes your fancy.

Checklist of things to bring

  • toolbox filled with supplies you may need to complete your workshop(s) / quick kits
  • UFO (UnFinished Object) if not taking a workshop
  • table gifts (7) – optional
  • exchange gift in 1:12 or 1:48 scale
  • costume for Saturday Night Banquet
  • 10 mini swap items, if you are taking part
  • silent auction items to donate
  • display items with light/power cord, if needed
  • Gathering Helper, if you volunteered to donate one
  • money for Quick Kits, Artisans’ Market, cash bar