Sunday Half Day Workshops

Alice Book
by Gayle Baillargeon
Price:     $40Alice Book 2
Scale:    1:48

A quarter scale room in a book.
Size 3” x 2 ½”

Tool list:
x-acto knife
Wood glue
Tacky glue – The Ultimate
Gluing square jig
Cutting mat
Paint brushes – ¼” flat, small #10 fine point
ToothpicksAlice Book 1

Alice Book 3

Floor Globe   –   CANCELLED
by Lori Halfper

Price:    $45
Scale:    1:12

A perfect addition to your dollhouse library, office, study – or maybe a classroom or wizard’s workshop. Standing just 3 3/4 inches tall, this detailed replica will let you show off your miniature skills – but it’s an easy enough project for beginners to tackle. (please note:  None of us work for the National Geographic Society! Your globe will look amazing, but won’t be 100% accurate, unless you are already a professional mapmaker.)

Floor Globe 3Floor Globe 2


The all-wood frame is very realistic, and the globe spins freely! This project was designed by Lori Halfper of littleOCDminiatures.

Lori will provide all the elements – the globe, (with the map outlines pencilled in), pre-cut and pre-sanded wood pieces to construct the base and arm, as well as the metal spindle and attachments. Walnut wood stain, and a variety of acrylic paint colours will be provided, along with a custom antiquing glaze to finish your globe.

Tool list:
Plastic lid (such as a yogurt container lid) to serve as a paint mixing palette
Plastic container to hold water to clean your brush
Disposable gloves to keep your hands clean
Fast grab glue (Aleene’s is ideal)
X-acto or other craft knife
Small/fine paintbrush
Extra-fine permanent black marker (such as Sharpie)
Cutting mat
Small/medium clamp to hold about 2.5″ width (extra will be on hand if you don’t own one)
Metal ruler
Mounted magnifying glass or reading glasses for detail work
Wood stain (if you prefer a different colour than walnut)
Fine tip scissors

Landscape Oil Painting
by Allan Halfper

Price:     $45Landscape Painting
Scale:     1:12

Learn how to create your very own original, genuine oil painting in 1/12 inch scale. Instructor Allan Halfper of littleOCDminiatures is an accomplished artist in real life scale, and he has created this workshop to teach you the basics. In just the one morning, you will start with a blank canvas and end up with your own original artwork – even if you have never held a paintbrush in your life!

Allan will supply the canvas paper, all oil paints and solvents for cleanup, and a miniature gold frame (similar, but not identical to the one pictured).

Tool List:

  • One flat paintbrush, 1/8 inch or smallest you can find (see brush descriptions here:
  • One angle paintbrush, 1/8 inch or smallest you can find (optional but nice)
  • One extra-fine paintbrush from a craft supply store or inexpensive quality is perfect. (Or save the applicator from an old liquid eyeliner, it is the perfect size.)
  • Plastic lid (such as a yogurt container lid) to serve as a paint mixing palette
  • Plastic container to hold solvent (supplied) to clean your brush
  • Paper towels or rags to wipe brushes
  • Fine tip scissors
  • Tacky glue

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on brushes – dollar store versions are fine. But if you decide to invest, you will use them again and again over the course of your miniature hobby career!

Pastry WorkshopCANCELLED
by Joan MerriamPastry

Price:     $35.00
Scale:     1:12

An easy morning making pastry without the messy clean up!  There will be heat in the kitchen though as we bake our non-edibles.  One dough, so many choices!

The picture only shows what can be done with the Fimo dough provided.  The amount of buns, etc., depends on you.

The instructions will be given for Hot Cross buns, apricot pastries, jelly donuts, scones, apple turnovers, spiced whirls, McDonalds Chocolatine or Pain au Chocolate, biscuits, croissants and brioche.

Tool list:
Fimo cutter – preferred, but Exacto knife will do
Smooth tile work surface
Rolling pin for Fimo or something that can be used as a rolling pin
White glue

Chalks in browns, beiges and applicators
Klay cutter 10 MM circle or a round cutter of some kind for ¼ inch circle
Sculpy Glossy Glaze
Red 3D paint – Scribbles Dimensional

Edwardian Housekeeper, Quarter ScaleEdwardian Housekeeper 48-2
by Linda Beaupre
There are spaces available in this workshop.

Cost:       $35
Scale:     1:48

The workshop is a sculpted polymer clay doll, dressed as a housekeeper. She is wearing a lace faux blouse, silk/cotton skirt and long jacket with a belt. On the belt is a Edwardian Housekeeper 48-1chatelaine with a ring of keys. You will wig and dress the doll.

Tool list:
Magnifier, light, tweezers, scissors, tacky glue in a syringe or glue bottle with metal tip.




Painting a Sleeping Cat
by Karl Blindheim

Price:   $50sleeping-cat-1
Scale:   1:12

The student will be painting a sleeping cat.

Tool list:
Fine synthetic brushes  (nos.  2, 1, 0, 00, 000)
Work light with extension cord
Work pad or paper
Paint palette
Container for water

Other elements will be supplied.