Saturday Day and a Half Workshops

Grand Foyer Hall Tree
by Addrene Rizen

Price:    $85Grand Foyer Hall Tree
Scale:    1:12

In this class you will make a stately grand entrance hall tree.

Made from solid cherry hardwood with cutwork inserts that can be finished in a number of ways; mirrored insert; simulated marble top table with working drawer; ceramic tipped antique brass coat hooks; vanity shelf and lower display shelf.

You will also make a number of accessory pieces to customize your hall tree.

Standard tools are required to assemble, however a detailed tool list will be sent to you prior to class.

You will be required to bring a ‘Stain Pen’ in choice of colour finish.

The Vanity
by Janet Harvie, Maggie Melinda Custom Miniatures
There are spaces available in this workshop.

Price:   $135The Vanity 3
Scale:   1:12

We are setting the scene in a ladies vanity around 1920.  She is getting ready for bed and has failed to notice that ‘someone is watching through the keyhole’.  She has just left the room to go and fetch her nightgown.

The project is bookcase size at 6” square and 9” tall.  It has only 2 sides.  You will learn to ‘wallpaper’ and carpet with fabric. The outside of the box will be painted black. All the painting will be done for you. Black paint and white satin do not mix in a small workspace; besides, you all know hThe Vanity 1ow to paint.  All trim and details will be supplied, painted, including the window. You will insert the keyhole…

You will concentrate on making the white satin drapery which is trimmed and ‘puddles’ on the floor; lace valence, dressing table and chair.  You will also make the mirror over the vanity.

You should be comfortable with a glue syringe because you will be given a regular syringe and a tiny syringe along with a bottle of the glue required. The white satin is a rayon fibre and does not respond to my old friend Tacky glue.

Tool list:
Work surface, scissors for Bristol board, small very sharp scissors for fabric, wet wipes or washcloth (you will get sticky with this one), Tacky glue for incidentals, a small and a tiny paintbrush (for the top of the mirror). Tweezers would be helpful. All other materials are supplied.

Four Poster Wicker Bed
by Kim Stewart, IGMA Artisan
There are spaces available in this workshop.

Price:    $130wicker-bed-final
Scale:    1:12

In this workshop, you will weave the head and foot board for a double size bed using waxed linen thread woven over paper covered wires that are set into a pre-drilled wooden base.

Also included:  Assembly of a rope bed frame. Mattress and pillow materials will be provided.

Tool list:
6″ ruler
sand paper 220 grit
wire cutters
glue syringe (optional)
scissors for fabric
gluing jig

All other materials will be provided.