Saturday Full Day Workshops

Alice in Wonderland Chair
by Judith Blondell
There are spaces available in this workshop.

AIW Chair 5

Price:    $90
Scale:   1:12

This workshop is all about upholstering. You will receive an unfinished, pre-assembled chair.  You will finish the legs (paint) and upholster the piece in black and white velvet, with white and charcoal cotton flower prints, and striped black and white cotton.  The workshop also includes a throw cushion which most likely will need to be completed at home. All trims included.

Tool list:AIW Chair 2
Sharp pointy scissors for fabric
Curved cuticle scissors
Small scissors for paper
Alligator clips (no teeth)
Glass-head pins (the shorter the better)
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky glue
Aleene’s regular tacky glue in glue syringe
UHU glue
Sharp soft pencil (HB or B)
White Gel pen
Awl (the very pointy metal thing to make hole)
Wet Wipes
Flat paintbrush (Number 2 or so)
Work surface
Work light
Extension cord

Aging a Garden Gate
by Laurie Mecke and Sandra Quigley
There are spaces available in this workshop.

Price:    $100
Scale:    1:12 or 1:24

Aging a Garden Gate 2  Aging a Garden Gate 1

In this workshop we will be demonstrating different aging and weathering techniques on a variety of mediums while creating an old garden gate wall-hanging. There are 3 styles to choose from in Full or Half Scale.

Tool list:
Basic Tool Kit
X-acto knife with lots of new blades
Cutting board
Paint in your choice of colour
Container for water
Tacky glue
Hair dryer (not essential, but will speed drying time)

All materials for the wall, door, and hinges will be provided along with a variety of paints and workable fixative spray.

Gift Box Garden – CANCELLED
by Joan MerriamGift Box Garden 2

Price:   $85
Scale:   1:12

This could be called small container gardening, with no weeds or watering! You will be given a gift box approximately 6” X 8”, a background picture, and foam to plant flowers in. Also included is a kit for a table and chair.

Just like going to a garden nursery there will be lots of flowers to choose from to fill the space.  Most have never been offered before. The box won’t hold all 20 flower kits, but they can be taken home and used in other scenes. Each garden will be different according to your decisions.

Tool List:
Florist Foam                                                       Optional:
White glue & glue spreader                          Paint Delta Ceramcoat
Toothpicks                                                               Yellow 2504
Glue plate                                                                 Dark Foliage Green 2535
Paint plate                                                               Black 2506
Mouse pad                                                               Brown Velvet 2109
Corsage pin                                                             White 2505
Scissors                                                                     Burnt Umber 2025
Tweezers                                                              Folk Art Raw Siena 452
Ball stylus of different sizes                          Rotary Cutter
Wire cutters                                                         Cutting Mat
Needle nose pliers                                            Wallpaper paste
Paint brush-small to medium                      Pasting brush
Large floppy paint brush                                Container to take home flowers
Wax paper or coffee filter
Utility/x-acto knife
Coloured pens:  green, black, yellow, red
Sanding paper
Q tip
Squaring jig
Paint or stain for furniture (mine shown unfinished)
Piece of paper bag

Edwardian HousekeeperEdwardian Housekeeper 12 - 2
by Linda Beaupre
There are spaces available in this workshop.

Cost:    $95
Scale:   1:12

This workshop is a porcelain doll dressed as a housekeeper which every fashionable home requires. She is inspired by Mrs. Hughes from Downton Abbey. She is wearing a skirt and long belted jacket from a very fine silk/cotton fabric and lacy faux blouse. On her belt is a chatelaine which every housekeeper wears with a ring of keys and scissors. You will learn to wig and dress the doll and assemble the chatelaine.






Tool list:
light, scissors, tweezers, tacky or fabric glue in a syringe or glue bottle with a metal tip, alligator clips, mini iron (optional)

Friendly Giant’s Room
by Gayle Baillargeon

Price:    $95
Scale:    1:48

Friendly Giant

This workshop is a quarter scale miniature version of the Friendly Giant’s castle room from the children’s TV show. It includes the set with fireplace, rocking chair “for someone who likes to rock”, single chair and a big chair “for 2 more to curl up in”. It is in a shadow box that will fit a 4 x 6 frame.

Tool list:
Scissors, x-acto knife, tweezers, wood glue, tacky glue – The Ultimate,
gluing  square jig, cutting mat; paint brushes – ¼” flat, small #10 fine point;
wood stain touch-up pens, toothpicks

An Exotic Orchid Seen Through the Keyhole
by Karl Blindheim

Price:   $85orchid
Scale:   1:12

Students will paint and assemble an exotic lady slipper orchid. Some of the elements will be cut in advance to facilitate the final project.

Tool list:
Fine scissors for paper
Fine synthetic paint brushes (no. 2, 1, 0, 00, 000)
Pointed tweezers
Tacky glue or Weldbond glue
Stylus and soft pad for shaping paper
Work light with an extension cord
Work area pad or paper

Other elements will be supplied.