Fill in and mail or e-mail your Workshop Selection Form.

Workshop assignment  is done in registration number order.

  • To ensure fairness, all Gathering Registration Forms received by Monday, November 7, 2016 will be pulled randomly and assigned a number
  • Gathering Registrations received after November 7th will be assigned the next available number on the day they are received
  • To take advantage of the random draw, the Workshop Selection Form must be received by the Gathering committee on or by Monday, November 14, 2016. Workshops will be assigned on Tuesday, November 15th.


There will be a UFO work space for those who would like to bring an UnFinished Object to work on, instead of taking a workshop. You can also work on your Quick Kits.

It is recommended that you bring a lamp/power bar in case the room lighting is not adequate for you.

Come to the MET show in Toronto, October 15-16, to see the workshop samples in person.

Please note that the scale of each workshop is included in the description.

Saturday Full Day Workshops

AIW Chair 1  Aging a Garden Gate 3  Gift Box Garden

Edwardian Housekeeper 12 - 3 Friendly Giant


Saturday Day and a Half Workshops

Grand Foyer Hall Tree  The Vanity 1

Sunday Half Day Workshops

 Alice Book 2  Floor Globe 1  Landscape Painting Pastry  Edwardian Housekeeper 48-2  sleeping-cat-3