Silent Auction

Does your work space include lots of kits or half finished projects?  Now is your chance to clear your collection of pieces taking up space that you can use for wonderful new treasures.

Bring your items to the Gathering to be auctioned off to a new home, where they will be appreciated.

Suggestions for donations:
-unopened (or only been opened once and tucked away) kits
-unfinished kits
-half-done projects (with or without bits)
-furniture, dolls, accessories or tools you’ve acquired but now realize you will never use
-materials and supplies that could really be useful – to someone else
-boxes of intriguing bits and pieces

Be mindful of size, please. No huge houses, although roomboxes would be fine.

Auction items will be given in at the time of registration Friday afternoon along with a description of the item and an approximate value. KeyholeHilltop

The auction will be held during Saturday dinner.

Don’t forget – you can pick up some bargains to take home and USE (or tuck away in all that newly created space).

What doesn’t get auctioned will be returned to its owner to take back home.

If there are any questions, please contact Joan Merriam at