Sunday Morning Workshops

Globe Bar                                   Workshop Full
by Sandra Quigley

Scale:  1:12
Price:  $40

Prohibition is in full swing and what a fun way to hide you liquor!

The picture on the right is a real one so ours will not match exactly.

You will be assembling laser cut pieces and adding decal designs. When legs are glued in place, holes are then drilled for the casters.

Tools needed are:
•  Wood glue
•  Tacky glue
•  Small drill and drill bits
•  Sharp point scissors (for cutting paper)
•  X-acto knife and saw with miter box
•  Cutting mat
•  Pliers

Tick, Tock:  Make a Working Mantle Clock
by Gail Mumford

Scale:  1:12
Price:  $45

These clocks are in a wood base with leather sides to allow the battery to be replaced. Choose the arched shape or the traditional with side feet. Choose the smaller oval clock face 5/8″ x 3/4″ or the round 3/4″ face with or without diamonds. Leave the wood exposed or cover with leather. Various colours are available. Available for $7.45 at Sears in 1920.

Finished size: 1 5/16″ wide x 1 1/4″ high x 7/16″ deep OR or 1 3/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ high x 7/16″ deep, (not including feet).

Tools: knife, ruler, cutting board, wax paper, clamps, wood glue, pin vice, legos or squaring jig, wax paper, wire cutters, pliers, scissors

Little Women Book 

by Gail Baillargeon

Scale:  1:48
Price:  $40

The book kit includes the interior scene and LED lighting. A basic tool kit is needed but a tool list will be provided for those taking the workshop.