Mini Swap

This is a fun event and offers you a chance to share your creative talents. The swap will be offered in two scales: 1 inch (1:12) and quarter inch (1:48). You may participate in either scale or both. There is no need to register to participate.

How it works:
You make 10 identical items in the scale of your choice. They can be purchased from another artisan but must be handcrafted. Package the items individually in bags or small containers with your name on each package.

Note: NO kits or printies or dollar store items, please.

The swaps should be something you would be thrilled to receive. A value of over $5 each is a good guideline. It is not necessary for them to be theme related. Swap items should be different from your table gifts so no-one receives duplicate items.

Be sure to bring your swaps to the registration area and hand them in as you register.

If there are any questions, please contact Marianne Tighe.