Saturday Full Day Workshops

Modern Conveniences:  1920s Stove         Workshop Full
by Addrene Rizen

Scale: 1:12
Price: $65

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply a ‘High Gloss Enamel Type’ finish and build a 1920s style McClary stove. (McClary Manufacturing Company of London, Ontario).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the length of “Drying Time” required for this project, you will not be able to complete this project in class. However, you will receive instruction and be able to practice the techniques required to complete the stove.

You can purchase the optional light kit to give your stove a realistic blue flame burner, as well as a warm oven illumination.

Students will also have an option to purchase a matching Monitor Top Refrigerator kit, similar to the one in the picture.

Optional Light Kit for Stove:  $10
Optional Monitor Top Refrigerator Kit:  $25

Hoosier Cabinet             Workshop Full
by Sandra Quigley

Scale: 1:12
Price: $125

I was inspired by a Cabinet found in the Minden Hills Museum and Heritage Village, pictured below at far right. We will be assembling the cabinet using pin hinges for the cupboard doors. The enamel work surface pulls out to allow more space for mixing and baking. There is also a pull out cutting board, a tin lined drawer, a divided cutlery drawer and a cupboard that houses a flour bin. The cabinet has been painted and decals added to match the original. I will show you how to make the decals using a printed picture. There are functioning casters on the bottom as an additional detail.

You will finish to the point of dry fitting all the pieces together and testing the pin hinges. It is easier to paint and add details to door panels before final assembly.

Tools needed are:
•  Cutting tool like an X-acto knife
•  Ruler
•  Pliers
•  Cutting mat
•  Fine grade sand paper
•  Small drill (Pin Vise) and collars that fit a #65 and a 1/16” drill bit
•  Wood glue
•  A Gluing jig would be useful if you have one
•  Paint or stain if you want another colour than shown

Art Nouveau Style Shop
by Gayle Baillargeon

Scale: 1:48
Price: $85

This is a small building on a 5 x 5.5″ base including exterior area for landscaping. The interior is 3″ x 4″ plus a bay window. It features Art Nouveau windows and door. The back and top are open for viewing. Printed flooring and walkway.

Kits for interior shelving, sales counter and stool included.


Paint an Art Deco Dog
by Karl Blindheim

Scale: 1:12
Price: $125

Note:  This will be a 4-5 hour workshop.

Two of the iconic dogs of the twenties and the Deco Period were the Greyhound and the smaller Whippet.

Select one of these two breeds and select a pose of choice. The dog will be sculpted prior to the Gathering. Any balanced or stable pose can be created so it provides all kinds of possibilities for your imagination.

All supplies will be provided. The only student requirements will be a light source, extension cord, and a box with tissue to transport the finished dog home.