The Ontario Miniatures Gathering is moving online to ensure your well-being due to current circumstances nation/world-wide. It will still take place the weekend of October 2-4.

This decision was not made lightly. We know you would all prefer to meet in person, catch up on news (mini or otherwise), and work on projects together.

We plan to have lots of your favourite events – souvenirs, swaps, quick kits, the Artisans’ Market, chats (online, of course!), and more.

Registration is still open until August 7th for the Online Ontario Miniatures Gathering. There is a $95 registration fee plus any workshop fee(s). Contact the registrar if you are interested in “attending”.

You are invited to the
Ontario Miniatures Gathering
2020 Hindsight:  the 1920s revisited
October 2-4, 2020

The Twenties were a time of change caused by new advancements and inventions in technology. “Electric servants” (household appliances) made everyday tasks easier and faster to accomplish. Art Deco was a popular design movement. There was the growth of the movie industry and the start of the mass production of cars. Men’s fashions became less stuffy and women started dressing in a way they felt comfortable.

If you are registered for the October in-person Gathering, we need you to RSVP whether you plan to attend or plan not to attend the online Gathering by contacting the Registrar at as soon as possible. Thank you.

Keep your “eyes” on this website for updates on the online 2020 Ontario Miniatures Gathering.